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Sunday, December 6, 2009

My First Race!

So a while ago, my roommate, Anne, decided to sign us all up for a 5k race. She wanted to get a big group of us to go because it was cheaper for a larger group, and being students, we aim for anything cheap.We signed up for the Salvation Army Santa Shuffle which was to take place on December 5th. So the day finally arrived! Unfortunately, the day before the race, a huge blizzard blew into Calgary and made road conditions extremely crappy. As Anne and her sister were heading to the race, their car got stuck and they weren't able to make it. Luckily for Tamara, Catherine and I, we only got stuck a few times and were able to power through in her Buick. Jenna and her sister showed up in a different vehicle.

We started at around 10:20. We were supposed to start at 10:00am but, as you know, weather conditions were bad and we ended up being a little late. However, we kept on going, I ran ahead to see how well I could do and it ended up that we passed a whole bunch of people (probably because they were walking). But after 5.8km, we all made it to the finish line! I think my time was around 30 minutes (the time clock froze) and Tamara made it about 35 minutes. Jenna and Catherine showed up at around 40 minutes I think. Afterwards, we got free Subway subs and lots of treats. Yay for running!

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