We've been married this long!

Sunday, March 29, 2009

The countdown is on...and only 12 days until Europe!! YAY!!! :)
This weekend was a pretty fun one! Our grad class hosted a Rock Show out in Nacmine to raise money for grad. The bands they chose were "decent" at best I thought, although I just enjoyed hangin out with my friends and mocking the last band that played. It was a screamo band so I basically pretended to scream like them and almost lost my voice!

Also had a YW sleepover last night and ate so much Easter chocolate, I almost felt like dying. Mini Eggs are SOO good though!! And Cadbury Cream Eggs are the devil in disguise!

Here are some pictures that Erin asked me to take for her. First of all, we just re-did the counter-tops in our kitchen and upstairs bathroom.
THEN, here is a picture of my grad dress!! HAZAAA!

Last, but not least, this picture is for you, Erin!

Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Midnight at the Suspension Bridge!

WELL! My friends and I had quite the eventful night last weekend. We left Drumheller on Friday right after school for Red Deer to go pick up one of my friend's friends from Leduc (Ashley's friend, Jeff). After getting back to Drum, the group of us, Kendra, Ashley, Jessi, Sarah, Jeff and I, decided to take a trip to the suspension bridge at about 11-12ish at night. Jeff had never seen it, so we thought it was about time he saw some of the wonders of Drumheller!! (there aren't many)

AND SO...we arrived at the bridge and immediately, everyone starts bringing out their cameras and snapping random pictures, especially Jeff with his massive beast of a camera. Jeff got some "ghost" pictures just beside the suspension bridge. SPOOOKKKYY. After, we actually decided to get on the bridge where we just decided to lie down and chill out. It was too muddy to actually go climbing in the hills so this worked out just fine! THEN on the way home, some cops scared the crap out of me...
ANYWAYS, a fun night!

Thursday, March 19, 2009

My Guilty Pleasures

SOOOO, I've just recently realized that I have a thing for chick flicks these days...not only did I see "He's Just Not that Into You" a week or so ago and couldn't stop smiling for about an hour afterwards, BUT I also must admit that High School Musical 3 is now on my list of favorites...along with Twilight. I'm such a girl. ALSO, for anyone who cares, Twilight is coming out on DVD on the 21st, woooo!!

Wednesday, March 18, 2009

It's about time!

It's been a while since I've written a little spiele about what I've been up to so I thought I should say a little something. My parents just went on a cruise about a week ago and I was left to defend the house. Of course I set up an asortment of traps all around the doors in case any kidnappers or burglars decided to come in! ;)

I must admit, after a few days, I was sure gettin lonely at the house all by myself! I finally reached my breaking point and had to go to the kennel and get my dogs so the house didn't seem so deathly quiet.
Now, I just finished my basketball season. We had Zones last weekend in Three Hills and we placed 6th going into the tournament at 8th place...kinda sucky but apparently it's better than the Sr. Girls team has done in 6 years or so.
AND NOW...I will finish up this little diddy so I can get back to my English research paper....GAA. Does someone else feel like writing a 8-10 page essay on Epilepsy??