We've been married this long!

Sunday, August 15, 2010

Miss, soon to be Mrs.

In a little over 5 days, I will be a Mrs!!

I can't believe I am going to be a married woman on saturday! It's sooo close I can almost taste it! It hasn't happened yet, but I'm pretty confident it will be one of the best, if not the best day of my life.

Jared and I haven't known eachother for that long, but already, I feel like I know him so well! We have a ton of fun together as can be seen by this awesome 80's photoshoot pic. Nothing but class, folks.

I took him to one of our family reunions a couple weeks ago (I know, people have told me I'm crazy for taking him to a family reunion before we're actually married. It gives him a chance to run away ;) ) and not surprisingly, he fits in pretty well. Welcome to the crazy family, Jared!