We've been married this long!

Sunday, September 27, 2009

I Climbed a Mountain and Didn't Die

So... I went home for the weekend (Cardston) to hang out with the rents. On Friday night we went to Lethbridge and did a little bit of shopping. I got a nice new winter coat! And we ate some pretty good Edo...yum. On Saturday, we went to Waterton. We figured it was the last chance we'd get to go this season so we decided to go. We got some lunch and then decided to climb Bear's Hump. It wasn't too bad of a climb but once we were at the top it was EXTREMELY windy. I was afraid for my life a few times, that's for sure. Here is proof that I survived!

THERE! Now you can see how high it is!

Thursday, September 24, 2009


WELL...I still have about a gazillion pages to read for school but...One Tree Hill time with the roommates!! I mean, common, books...or looking at this man?? I'll let you be the judge.

Tuesday, September 22, 2009


School is up and running. I have 75 pages of Nursing to read for tomorrow, Bio notes to finish for thursday, an assignment for friday, 2 essays for the beginning of next week, plus whatever reading my intructors decide to pile on me next! So glad I'm going home this weekend to eat real food and sleep in a bed that isn't 6 feet high! And REALLY glad I get to go to Utah in 2 weeks for Conference and stay with Erin.

Can school be over now, please?

Saturday, September 19, 2009


Oh hey, it's been a while!

I just moved into my new place in Marda Loop in Calgary 2 weeks ago and, so far, it's awesome! My roommates are really nice and we are getting along awesome. I have three roommates, Jenna, 24, Anne, 22, and Tamara, 24. Yup, I'm the youngen!

Today, I've been pretty busy. I helped out for the food drive this morning with my YSA ward and had a really good time! Service is an awesome thing. After my roommate and I got home, we studied for a few hours and then...off to a toe party!
A professional nail artist was hired to paint our toenails and she did an amazing job! Are they watermelons or are they toes?? I dunno!

Wednesday, September 2, 2009

My parents are going to be empty nesters...haha

SO IT'S OFFICIAL. I'm moving out in 5 days and there's no backing out now...uh oh. This is going to be quite the change since I've never lived on my own before and I'm going to miss my crazy family!! We just had our little family reunion and it was great to have everyone here, although the house feels kinda empty without two little toddlers running into my room at an ungodly hour in the morning and screaming at me...and it's not the same when you're not finding body spray bottles in your pillowcases and sheets (compliments of Darrin I later found out. Thanks!). But it was tons of fun! Now, I have to start preparing to leave for school and live the college life! I sure hope it's all it's cracked up to be, or there's going to be an angry Stephanie rampaging around Calgary.
All I have to say is:
Hello endless hours of studying, goodbye good home-cooking!