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Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Mental Health

Hello all!

I figured it was time for an update or two.
This year of nursing school is packed full of "blocks" or 6-7 week segments where we focus on one population or subject at a time. September and October I was in Senior's health where I was at a Lodge in Bridgeland, Calgary. November and December I am in MENTAL HEALTH!

So far, I am really enjoying mental health. I find mental illnesses really fascinating. The main diagnosis of the people at this centre is schizophrenia. The brain is such a complex organ and can do so many things to a person! For my clinical placement, I am at a community mental health centre where there are lots of interesting characters. For example, I have a resident whom I have to refer to as "Jesus" because he thinks he is the real deal. DOB December 25 and everything. He is a really nice man though and has been fun getting to know.

I also really like this setting because of how closely you can get to know all the residents. I ALMOST know all of their names now and we have 2 1/2 weeks left? Yikes!

One thing I do NOT like about this facility, however, is the nasty smoking that goes on. 70-75% of the residents smoke and have access to a "smoking room" in the centre. This is literally a room with glass windows looking into it from all sides that people go into to have a smoke. It is nasty. Whenever the door opens, it floods the building with cigarette smoke and it's super smelly. My clinical group is doing a presentation about smoking and mental health for our lecture class this coming tuesday and we're discussing the issue that smoking can be in such a facility as this. It will be interesting.

Anyways, wish me luck for the remainder of my placement!