We've been married this long!

Sunday, February 22, 2009

So...HERE GOES! I guess I'll start off with an introduction of myself. My name is Stephanie Olsen, I'm 17 years old, graduating from Highschool this year, and I live in Drumheller, Alberta. In other words, I live in a large hole in the ground that lacks the amount of civilization that a 17-year-old would appreciate. Some of my closest friends in Drumheller include Ashley Marcotte, Sarah Thornton, Jessi Martin, and Kendra Blumhagen. I've also become friends with some other people from Leduc fairly recently. I could mention all the other friends I have, however, I think that would take up too much of this page.

Seeing as how I'm graduating this year, I will let you know a little bit about my future plans. After a little research and deliberation, I've decided to become a Registered Nurse and I will be attending Mount Royal College in Calgary, AB this fall. I'm pretty excited, although I am slightly freaking out at the fact that I will be on my own for the first time. Not looking forward to having to do everything for myself, I can tell you that! I'm hoping to be able to stay in Drumheller and work for the summer so that I can be with my friends for my last summer before college.

Ok, so Drumheller is a pretty boring place if you are not already aware. As this is the case, my friends and I have to make our own fun. Most of blog will probably end up being random things my friends and I end up doing! For example, the picture below depicts the gruesome scene of a gingerbread house gone wrong. In other words, we got bored of trying to build a boring, generic gingerbread house that it ended up just being destroyed in a merciless ocean of horribly made icing and assorted candies. Afterwards, I was assaulted with an icing mustache and sent on my way home...well with 3 other girls that I'm pretty much a taxi for.
Well, hope you enjoyed my first entry and there will soon be more to come!