We've been married this long!

Friday, February 25, 2011

Family Day (aka Laser Tag Day)

Family Day is a delightful day, is it not?

This year for Family Day, Jared and I went to Shakers (pretty much a Chuck E Cheese) with a couple from our ward. We felt a little out of place the moment we walked in since everyone appeared to be 10-years-old or younger...

We tried the rock wall first since Jared is a rock climbing buff. He was very glad he didn't decide to bring his climbing shoes or else he felt like he would've looked like a real tool... The wall didn't end up being too difficult (although it was for me and Emily, the wife of the couple we were hanging out with). We couldn't make a fist for about an hour after that. Of course, Jared and Nathan (the husband) had no troubles.

After that, we went for laser tagging. We hoped this would redeem our trip to Shakers since it didn't seem to be too impressive so far. Waiting in line, we realized we were twice the height of all the other people in line and I can't believe that I was once that tiny! We got into the room where we put on our backpacks and grabbed our guns and I realized I was wearing a white sweater...bad idea in a room full of black lights! The little kids decided that they wanted to take us on and "destroy" us so we accepted their challenge. For the first game, I sat in one corner of the room for the entire time because a bunch of kids kept on coming back. Anyways, we ended up defeating them terribly. Is is sad that we were super pumped and excited about this?

We played a couple games after that and we, like before, did a pretty good job at beating them. After the second game, kids began to ask us to be on their team. In the last game, two of our backpacks died and we still ended up beating them pretty bad as you can see by the picture below...

After that, we made a Peters run and then played some games with our upstairs neighbours, Michael and Brenna.
A pretty decent family day I must say.

Wednesday, February 2, 2011

JULIAN SMITH - Techno Jeep (Original)

I haven't posted anything in a while and I saw this video by Julien Smith on youtube. Thought it was pretty crazy what people can do with random objects. Posted it. You love it.