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Saturday, November 21, 2009


Last night was Calgary's YSA preference dance. It was tons of fun!

I ended up asking a guy named Eric who was in my ward to go with me. I had never spoken to him before, he was just on a random list of guys who hadn't gotten asked yet. My roommate, Jenna, and I decided to ask someone to preference so we just went and asked them! I was so nervous but it ended up working out really well!

Before preference, a big group of us and our dates hung out at one of their houses and we each were allowed to spend $4 on dinner that we would all combine into a big dinner. After we did that, we drove a short distance away to a park to go ice-blocking. It was so much fun! We tried to make a large train of us to go down the hill, but that ended in disaster haha. But we had a bunch of races, a bunch of wipe-outs (I have the bruises to prove it), and a bunch of dirt-stains all over our clothes. Good times!

Then, we headed back to the same house we were at before to get ready for preference. After we had all gotten ready, we all left in separate cars to get to the chapel. Eric and I carpooled it. When we got there, it was all winter theme (it actually reminded me of the types of high school proms that you always see in the movies) and they had a little photo-booth set up where you could get your pictures taken. The dance ended at 12 and then we all went our separate ways. Oh what a night!

P.S. Thanks for letting me borrow your dress, Erin!

Here are some photos!


  1. Ah the dating life. Looks like you had a blast. Live it up:)

  2. AHHHHHHHH Steph I love that I just found your blog!! That is soooo cute! I'll be blogging about preference pretty soon too. As soon as I get all my pictures up I will.... So fun. Troy and I had so much fun with you guys!