We've been married this long!

Saturday, September 19, 2009


Oh hey, it's been a while!

I just moved into my new place in Marda Loop in Calgary 2 weeks ago and, so far, it's awesome! My roommates are really nice and we are getting along awesome. I have three roommates, Jenna, 24, Anne, 22, and Tamara, 24. Yup, I'm the youngen!

Today, I've been pretty busy. I helped out for the food drive this morning with my YSA ward and had a really good time! Service is an awesome thing. After my roommate and I got home, we studied for a few hours and then...off to a toe party!
A professional nail artist was hired to paint our toenails and she did an amazing job! Are they watermelons or are they toes?? I dunno!


  1. I'm so jealous they look pretty amazing! Glad to hear things are going well in Calgary!

  2. You and Erin both have crazy looking toes! Must be an Olsen thing.

  3. Haha hey, blame it on genetics. We got the cool toes, not the stubby ones.