We've been married this long!

Tuesday, September 22, 2009


School is up and running. I have 75 pages of Nursing to read for tomorrow, Bio notes to finish for thursday, an assignment for friday, 2 essays for the beginning of next week, plus whatever reading my intructors decide to pile on me next! So glad I'm going home this weekend to eat real food and sleep in a bed that isn't 6 feet high! And REALLY glad I get to go to Utah in 2 weeks for Conference and stay with Erin.

Can school be over now, please?


  1. I'm sorry! School was so hard for me, so good for you for taking on so much! You are going to do so great i know it. Just remember, if you dont finish you will get stuck working somewhere you hate like me...at IKEA. STICK IT OUT and it WILL be worth it. Oh, but if you need a pick me up package you just e-mail me your address and i will send you one PRONTO! Pick me up packages are the BEST!!!! ambeelaroo@gmail.com seriously i will send you one:)

  2. Woo Hoo for school...I'm glad someone else it looking forward to December as much as I am