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Tuesday, July 28, 2009


Well...quite a lot has changed in the last couple months! We've moved to Cardston, got "settled" in (there are still boxes everywhere) but it's coming together. Cardston is even smaller than Drumheller so I haven't gotten lost yet! Not even once! I swear that must be a record or something. Our new ward is nice....I'm probably one of the 3 under the age of 80 in Relief Society. But it's nice, we get refridgerator magnets and stuff like that ;). Haha nah, everyone's really nice and welcoming. Brian and Sarah live in Cardston too, so at least I can hang out with them every once in a while to keep myself sane! Sarah and I have started working out and going for runs. I've even done the p90x ab ripper a couple of times....GAAAAA!

So I have a new job now! I am now a proud employee of the Big Scoop icecream shop in Waterton. It's a really popular icecream shop so we're usually really busy...oh but it's worth it! Right now, probably my favorite flavour of icecream is Pralines and Cream, mmmmm. We get some sweet pink shirts to wear and we wear aprons and visors at work. On Sunday, it was really slow for the last 2 hours that we were open so me and two other girls decided to transform our uniforms into superhero costumes! Fun times!!

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  1. I'm loving the super hero pic!!! And yum indeed i want some ice cream!