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Sunday, May 17, 2009


Ok, so for all of you who don't know what geocaching is, it is basically a game or sport I guess when you look on a website and find spefic coordinates which you then enter into a GPS and it takes you to a prize! You can find cash when you're lucky but it's usually just little nick-nacks or fun things.
Last year, me and some friends were exploring in the hills over by the Suspension Bridge in Rosedale (about 10-15 minutes from Drumheller) when we randomly found a plastic tupperware container hidden in a little crevace. It was such a fluke! It turns out, this was a Geocach and had actual coordinates that you could find it at. We looked inside and found a notebook (which had names of people who had previously found it. People from Edmonton had written their names), some random little keychains and cheap toys, and pencils and stickers. The prizes weren't really very impressive but we were all excited that we found a "buried treasure".
SO...yesterday, another friend and I were on a hunt for some more geocaches. She had looked on the internet for some specific spots where they might be and then off we went! We looked underneath the WLD (World's Largest Dinosaur) but we had no luck. There was construction going on and they may have disturbed it. We also looked behind the petstore and on the Nature Trail (we even crawled in some of the bushes) behind my old school but there was no sign of any! :(
Better luck next time!

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  1. Sounds like a fun game! I'm gonna have to try it!