We've been married this long!

Wednesday, May 13, 2009


Well, this past month has been a month of months. I've been in 5 countries this month including Italy, Austria, the Czech Republic, Germany for a short period of time but I don't think it really counts, the United States, and, of course, good old Canada. Our graduating class went on a Europe trip on April 10th for 10 days to Italy, Austria, and the Czech Republic and it was AMAZING! My favorite place was either Venice, Italy where we did some major knock-off shopping and saw amazing architecture or Innsbruk Austria (the Swiss Alps were breathtaking and the leiderhosen wasn't bad either ;) jk). Unfortunately, I returned from Europe broke...but then it was time to be off to Seattle on the 29th! We went to Seattle on our choir trip this year and had a blast. We went to Kamloops on our first night, then to Chilliwack, and then across the border to the lovely state of Washington. We went to such tourist places as the Space Needle, Pike's Market, and the University of Washington where we participated in a singing clinic and were able to see a musical production called "Sing, Sing" which consisted of Southern Pacific music. It was really good...for the parts I was awake for. I kept nodding off in the first half of the performance, only waking up to clap once a song was done and then...asleep again! Luckily, I was able to keep my perky eyes open for the second half. It didn't help on the way back to the bus, though, when I tooled it on the ground. Graceful, Steph. The Duck Tour was also a fun time. It was a vehicle that could go in both land and water and we were able to see the house that Tom Hank's character stayed in, in Sleepless in Seattle. We also went to the EMP (Experience Music Project) where we made our own rock video and record. Unfortunately, we also had to come home from Seattle, and I had to face my own music. The music of homework and real life. NOW, we are finally performing what could be the most stressful play ever directed in the history of drama. We have had at least 10 people bail or let go because of not showing up but HALLELUJAH, it finally came together! Tonight was our second performance of three. Our last performance is tomorrow and oh, how it is bitter-sweet. I think I'll miss this handsome devil right here -->

I am playing the handsome Captain Smollet. Check out the side burns. Sea wenches are after me and everything. Not sure that's a good thing...

AND speaking of handsome devils, check Dad out.

Anyways, for Mother's Day, I visited mom in Fairmont while she was on vacation with her friend, Joan Emery. Dad was able to come as well and it was actually a pretty good time even though I travelled up there by myself. The hotsprings were divine!! I want some hotsprings within a 1 hour radius STAT.

Well...Chemistry awaits. Either that, or sleep. Sleep seems more appealing at this point.


  1. Looks like you've had quite fun dear sis. Are you trying to make me jealous??? Cause it's working

  2. WOW you've been busy!!! You need to post more pics! It sounds like you had a blast, and i must edmit that you make quit the handsome man:)