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Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Midnight at the Suspension Bridge!

WELL! My friends and I had quite the eventful night last weekend. We left Drumheller on Friday right after school for Red Deer to go pick up one of my friend's friends from Leduc (Ashley's friend, Jeff). After getting back to Drum, the group of us, Kendra, Ashley, Jessi, Sarah, Jeff and I, decided to take a trip to the suspension bridge at about 11-12ish at night. Jeff had never seen it, so we thought it was about time he saw some of the wonders of Drumheller!! (there aren't many)

AND SO...we arrived at the bridge and immediately, everyone starts bringing out their cameras and snapping random pictures, especially Jeff with his massive beast of a camera. Jeff got some "ghost" pictures just beside the suspension bridge. SPOOOKKKYY. After, we actually decided to get on the bridge where we just decided to lie down and chill out. It was too muddy to actually go climbing in the hills so this worked out just fine! THEN on the way home, some cops scared the crap out of me...
ANYWAYS, a fun night!

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  1. Almost got attacked by the fuzz, eh? That's my cuz! That looks like fun!