We've been married this long!

Friday, June 25, 2010

Moving out, Moving in.

Tomorrow is the day that I move from my little place in Calgary to Cardston for the summer. I am sad that I am leaving my roommates, especially without a roommate to replace me and pay rent, and I am also sad that I will be even further from Jared. Sad :( ...

It's not a bad thing though! I will be closer to my family who I haven't seen a lot of since September. That will also make it a lot easier for planning wedding things and it will make me more available to help out when I'm needed. I will hopefully also find a job in Cardston. I haven't been that ambitious about the whole job-search yet and I know I need to get on top of things...FAST! In the meantime, I hope the summer goes by fast so that 57 days will just fly by!

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  1. wow it's like deja vu when I got married...enjoy the time you spend with the fam because later on you will look back and remember what a special time it was....ps wish i was there!!